Regional Network Meetings

Regional network meetings aim to foster communication and collaboration between scientists working in South Asia and Switzerland. Our aim is to build the framework and support the network to create impact by translating knowledge to action, especially in South Asia and Switzerland. It’s a free, accessible and short event including a storytelling workshop, introduction to our grants and experience-sharing over lunch.

These network meetings are open to researchers, NGOs, and implementers who have an interest in South Asia and in advancing the UN SDGs.

Regional Network Meeting 2022 – Switzerland

This network meeting took place at HETS Fribourg on 11 November 2022.

The participants involved researchers and entrepreneurs from across Switzerland, with an interest in advancing SDGs.

The meeting started with Swetha, Rene and Taenaz describing the vision of K2A and the plans for the immediate future. This was followed by presentations from Dr. Jenia Mukherjee and Dr. Jenny Bentley, who received small grants from K2A in 2021 for their respective projects. Both of them gave overviews of the results of their projects and how the small grant helped advance their research.

This was followed by an exciting workshop on ‘Storyboarding Science’ by Dr. Samer Angelone. The participants learnt what to look for in good presentations, how to improve their own storytelling skills and the lessons scientists can learn from film-makers to tell stories of science in a more engaging manner.

Storyboarding Science

Filmmakers teach scientists how to make impactful presentations

A workshop by Samer Angelone

Angelone is a filmmaker and scientist. He is the founder of the Swiss Science Film Academy, and works as a jury-member for prestigious international film festivals. Angelone has directed several fiction and documentary films. He teaches ‘Filmmaking for Scientists’, ‘Storytelling & Storyboarding Science’, and ‘Video-journalism for Scientists’ at different universities, research institutes and film festivals.
Angelone holds two PhDs in Film Studies and Biology.

Regional Network Meeting 2022 – Nepal

The Nepal networking meeting was a 3-day workshop aimed at addressing contemporary challenges in the Himalayas. The workshop was conducted from 25-27 November 2022 in Kathmandu, Nepal and was facilitated by K2A and Central Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (CDHM), Tribhuvan University.

Climate change is remaking the Himalayan region, putting at risk millions of South Asians who depend on its water resources and pushing mountain dwellers in the northern region, home to the world’s highest peaks, to build new settlements at lower altitudes. Warmer Himalayas could have disastrous consequences for the subcontinent. This one of a kind workshop brought together researchers from the fields of natural sciences and social sciences to discuss these issues and the necessary steps needed to come up with sustainable solutions. The meeting also hosted community members from the Himalayan region, giving them a stage to voice their opinions and experiences.

Discussions over the three days made it clear that the time to implement actions to mitigate the widespread effects on climate on local communities is here. It was also evident that such meetings with bring together all stakeholders are essential in coming up with wholesome and actionable goals.

For a detailed description on the different sessions of the meetings, browse through the following report.

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